Sladebrook Road, Bath – Aequus Construction Limited (ACL) are pleased to confirm that a revised and improved planning permission for the development for 9 family homes was granted by Bath & North East Somerset Council Planning Committee today.

Aequus Chairman, Charles Gerrish welcomed the decision saying “this scheme will bring forward 9 much needed family homes in Bath and in addition to the improvements to the layout and design approved today by the Planning Committee, we are also working on the site as a potential exemplar for energy efficiency and additionality of affordable housing.
The new layout, seeks to make much more efficient use of the site, relocating the access driveway to the western and southern boundaries of the site together with allowing for additional private amenity space for each dwelling and a greater separation between new homes and existing homes. The new homes have been designed to secure a high standard of internal and external amenity for future occupiers

Working with the support of new Administration at the Council, ACL have also committed to deliver a proposed ‘exemplar housing’ development in the following three respects, which go beyond the requirements of development plan policy:
• delivery of onsite affordable homes: to offer two of the units as shared-ownership family homes with grant assistance from the Council;
• prevention of future HMO use: through a restriction on the title; and
• delivery of very low carbon homes: through Council funding of additional sustainable construction measures.

Work is expected to start on site in Autumn 2019 with completion in December 2020.